Over Generation (CIMA & Dragon Kid) vs VerserK (El Lindaman & T-Hawk) – Dragon Gate (05/05/2017)

Parm: El Lindaman feels like a future star, hanging in ring with two DG veterans in Over Generation. Over Generation works a long heat on El Lindaman; it feels a bit too long. The VerserK comeback is done well. VerserK eventually start their own heat segment on Kid that is also a bit boring. We have some cool moves hit, though this match never really gets out of first gear, along with it being made unclear whether or not El Lindaman is supposed to be the face in this match, made this match disappointing. A positive I can state is that El Lindaman feels like a bigger deal then he did before this match. Over Generation retains in 21:36. (**3/4)

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