YAMATO vs BxB Hulk vs Cyber Kong vs Naruki Doi vs Shingo Takagi – Dragon Gate (05/05/2017)

Parm: The visuals during everyone’s entrances are amazing. Dead or Alive Cage match is one of my favorite spectacles in wrestling. The camera work is great, the outside interference is hilarious, and the tension is built up throughout the match.

The match is slow to start, playing up that everyone wants to play smart. Cyber Kong couldn’t figure out how to climb the cage due to his shoes not being able to get a grip on the cage and it was sad. The teases to get the flag at the top of the cage gets progressively more intense. We get some dope big boy spots from Kong and Shingo.

The outside interface involves baseballs being thrown, cages being climbed, streamers being thrown and water being sprayed, and it is both an amazing visual and comedic.

BxB Hulk plays off the everyone for themselves mentality when he attacks Doi when he tried to get Hulk to help him attack Kong. Shingo looks like a beast when he’s dealing with so much interference.

The sequence with Shingo grabbing a flag is done well, with him overcoming a lot of interference.

Flamita jumps off the cage on to the other stables to prevent them from stopping Hulk grabbing a flag, another great visual. Unfortunately, the camera missed Flamita landing on the outside. Doi eventually gets a flag himself.

A ladder is brought out by El Lindaman to help Kong climb the cage. We get some tense buildup with YAMATO trying to stop Kong climbing, while also dealing with Lindaman’s interference. YAMATO eventually got help from his teammates, but it backfired with a pie being thrown in his face. Kong grabs the flag. This sequence is both hilarious and tense.

Now that everyone has a flag, Hulk, Doi & YAMATO team up on Shingo while Kong climbs down. Kong gets down eventually and starts seeking people, he eliminates Hulk and the match gets a tag feel, with YAMATO and Doi teaming up against the VerserK boys. This portion is very short, but done well with YAMATO pinning Shingo, and Shingo being in shock over how quick he was beaten.

The match gets a triple threat dynamic post match with all three men chopping each other. Kong and Doi square off against each other soon, Kong dodges outside interference involving streamers and it hits Doi in the eyes. Kong eliminates Doi. Kong has been built up well in this match.

Kong and YAMATO are the final two, and soon all of VerserK start breaking the rules. Kong attacks the ref, YAMATO and Kong both go down, VerserK comes in with weapons. and YAMATO is put through a table by Shingo. The interference is annoying in a big time title matches’ closing match-up. YAMATO then takes a chairshot to the head. The interference starts to become overkill, with all of VerserK attempting to destroy a prone YAMATO. When Kong decides to climb the ladder to try and take the title, YAMATO’s Tribe Vanguard stabl mates stop him. They do this while outside the cage because they still care for the rules, DAMN IT. Eventually, they get in the cage and Tribe Vanguard have an awesome stand off with VerserK, it’s chaotic in the best way. Someone from MaxiMuM removes the ladder that Kong needs to climb the cage, YAMATO gets back up and he and Kong become the only two left in the cage. YAMATO quickly takes Kong down, climbs the cage and grabs the title for the win

The DoA cage match is a spectacle, and this year is no different, telling the story of YAMATOth overcoming his challengers well, with the interference being great for the most part and all four challengers doing a great job, creating a damn good MOTYC. (****1/4)

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