Dream Orca (Etsuko Mita & Toshiyo Yamada) vs Tokyo Sweehearts (Mima Shimoda & Manami Toyota) – AJW (05/06/1989)

JML: We fast forward to May 6, 1989, as this match is heralded as Toyota’s breakthrough performance. It took place on Chigusa Nagayo’s retirement show called WrestleMarinepiad at Yokohama Arena. Again, the irony here in this match is that both teams would not last long and they found success with each other partners (Mita & Shimoda being Las Cachorras Orientales while Toyota and Yamada being a great tag team in the early 90’s). This match was more technically sound than you would imagine with these four women as Shimoda and Toyota were working hammerlocks and armlocks on Yamada early on. Toyota was an almost different wrestler from December ’89 as she was very much grounded for most of the match until Dream Orca started to work on her. Towards the end of the match, Yamada and Toyota were spotlighted more with a surprise finish at the end. The match was solid as it can be with four wrestlers that were all under two years experience. (***)