Lio Rush vs. Corey Hollis – Division Pro (05/12/2017)

Trask: This was a strong opener for Division Pro’s debut show. It’s MMA-sports influenced as they have weight classes. This would be the first Lightweight match in promotion history. The two meshed for a well thought out, free-flowing opener. Hollis honed in on Rush’s leg, which would be a key story point in the match, with Rush hitting explosive moves, selling the leg better with each passing one. Near falls came in the form of a headbutt from Hollis (nearly lariated the ref due to it only being 2.9) and a Rush Hour. The AJ Styles mentions from commentary were even more noteworthy as the finish came about — Hollis locked in the calf crusher, only for Rush to grab the ropes. This led to desperation in the form of an eye rake and roll-up for the win for Hollis. The last few minutes were great. It built well into something I enjoyed a lot. (***1/4)