Sami Callihan vs. Rey Fenix – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: Time for the main event. The culmination of a blood feud that has lasted almost 6 months. It started as simple Callihan mind games but it quickly became much more than that, it seemingly became an obsession on Callihan’s part, an obsession with Fenix’s mask. Callihan didn’t have to attack the mask over and over but it became about more than a mask, it was about tearing Fenix apart. To Fenix this is about revenge, whenever someone touches a Luchador’s mask its taken as more than disrespect, its the worst possible thing you can do to them. Sami Callihan beat Rey Fenix beat Callihan at AAW Unstoppable and he had seemingly turned a new leaf, but that was far from true. Fenix was prepared to let bygones be bygones but its Callihan who can’t let it go, its not about the championship, for Fenix, its about revenge.

As soon as Sami Callihan came out Fenix went on the attack, he immediately took out JT Davidson as well who is bound to become a factor. He wants to beat Callihan and get this over with. Callihan is stunned by this flurry and is seemingly on the defense at the beginning of the match, which is something we don’t see very often. This was a brutal brawl and these men left it all in the center of the ring. There was only going to be one person to walk out of LaSalle as AAW Champion but that was just going to be a bonus after leaving their opponent down on the ground, a loser. Callihan won by snatching the mask off Rey Fenix and rolling him up. Surely this doesn’t help the feud and at this point it can only end in death.

ACH vs. Dezmond Xavier – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: Following the dance off, this match really picked up. Both of these guys are known for going at Mach speed and pulling out some truly amazing maneuvers, and they didn’t disappoint here. The match seemed to be much funnier than I expected though as the AAW environment promotes that. There was some downtime in this match but everything else was great. It seemed like ACH tweaked his foot a little bit about halfway through the match but I don’t know if that affected him too much. The match ended rather abruptly when ACH hit a Buster Call out of seemingly nowhere for the win. Considering this was Dezmond’s second match of the night this was great, I’m excited to see these guys have many more matches in the future.

Buck Nasty & Kody Rice vs. Mike Hartenbower & Space Monkey – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: I don’t really know what to say about this match, it was…something. Space Monkey has some great banana based offense and can do some really impressive things while holding two potassium filled fruits. Hartenbower has some great power offense and has some impressive size on him. Buck Nasty is a dastardly heel that LOVES to gyrate and wiggle, and I really don’t know what to say about Kody Rice. I wold compare him to Big Dick Johnson but he’s 100% less oily and he can pull out some pretty good moves. This match was pretty slow and probably could’ve been shorter and gotten the point across, but it was never actively bad. Nasty & Price won with a “Seduce & Destroy” which is a Double Stomp into a Big Ending.

Arik Cannon vs. Brukbaker – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: This was probably the slowest match of the night, and thats not a bad thing by any means. It was more “traditional” and featured a more heel/face dynamic than all of the others. Arik Cannon was the guy that the fans love while Brukbaker was the cocky heel that loves to shout crap and get the fans riled up. It was well paced and showed what both guys could do. Cannon was recently on 205 Live and he deserves it; he’s a great talent who seemingly never got a big break. There isn’t much to say about this match and that’s not a bad thing, sometimes there isn’t much to describe and that can actually benefit the match. Brukbaker got the win with an “Overdriver”.

AR Fox vs. JT Dunn – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: AR Fox is probably the most consistent wrestler in wrestling today. He’s a great talent that always puts on good matches regardless of what type of wrestler he’s facing. JT Dunn is also a great talent and can be both a face and a heel well and in AAW he’s typical heel, trashing the town and saying that he deserves better. Dunn is often very cerebral and sometimes that can be his downfall with someone so spontaneous like AR Fox, these two have fought many times and know each other very well. This match never really kicked into high gear as it was always at a relatively fast pace, both of these guys are great keeping up a fast pace without appearing winded and about to pass out. The false finish with the apron Tombstone was great and I legitimately thought the match was over at that point. Dunn flipped Fox off and not soon after that he was laying on the ground looking up at the lights after a Brainbuster.

Ace Perry & PACO vs. Louis Lyndon & Stephen Wolf vs. Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza) – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: This next match was a high flyers showcase. All 6 of these guys stay in the air and come close to defying gravity on a nightly basis. I had seen Stephen Wolf and PACO on past AAW shows and Glory Pro but otherwise I was relatively new to all of these guys. Ace Perry has a really good look and I could see him going far in wrestling if he continues to improve as he was already good in this match. I don’t know if this match was under Lucha rules or the ref decided to just stop caring but there was no “legal man” throughout most of the match. This match was a great way to hype the crowd up after the KRUGAR match which wasn’t bad, just slower than you usually see in AAW. Zero Gravity picked up the victory after a Assisted Moonsault and Shooting Star Elbow. This was a great match and I plan on looking out for all 6 of these guys following the match.

Ethan Page vs. KRUGAR – AAW (03/04/2017)

Josh: I don’t know how to feel about the current gimmick of KRUGAR, he dresses like a Dudley and wields a steel chair while coming to the ring. He’s supposed to be unhinged but he screams more Bushwhacker than he does Mankind. The match started out with KRUGAR telling Ethan Page to “Hit me Bitch” using a steel chair. He then asked Page to hit him across the skull with the chair which quite honestly made me uncomfortable. I love how Page is reacting to it, as if he’s facing a literal monster. I don’t know what else to really say about this match, it was an okay brawl and Page had some good banter throughout it. The AAW really seems to love KRUGAR so there might be something I’m missing. KRUGAR isn’t bad by any means and I can see that without the WWE constraints he’s actually pretty good against most opponents. I think without the wild man gimmick I would enjoy his matches a bit more. The match ended when Page hit the RK-Ego into the Spinning Dwayne.