Merlok vs. Razerhawk – CHIKARA (03/19/2017)

Andrew: Razerhawk and Merlok are both rookies. Merlok is a huge monster while Razerhawk is probably barely taller than five feet. This goes exactly as you would expect it to. Merlok is dominant and while Razerhawk is resilient he really doesn’t have a chance. Merlok, however, never really goes for the win. He hits massive power moves and never once even attempts a pin. It’s perfect because it advances your stories for both men here. Merlok is made to be this monster who doesn’t even care about wins it seems, and Razerhawk is super sympathetic. He bumps real well and is a perfect foil for this unstoppable force. Merlok doesn’t even bump until the end parts of the match. Eventually Razerhawk fights Merlok off to the outside of the ring and hits a huge tope con hilo on the outside. From there though, Merlok begins to fight back and destroys Razerhawk on the outside of the ring. He throws him into a bunch of chairs in a rare show of brutality from CHIKARA and they continue to fight until both men get counted out. Interesting and unique ending, especially in a company that prides themselves on being family friendly. They want Merlok to be a real villain.

Fire Ant vs. The Whisper – CHIKARA (03/19/2017)

Andrew: The Whisper is another one of the CHIKARA rookies. He also seems to be CHIKARA’s return to the weird. At the Hour of Power before this one, it was shown that he got his hands on Missile Assault Ant’s journal and since then has been posting entries from the journal on a Tumblr blog. Fire Ant is my favorite CHIKARA wrestler of all time and he carries Whisper to a fun little deal here. Whisper works a slower and more deliberate style but can still hang with the faster paced lucha stuff. Whisper is very new but hangs well with Fire who, in my humble opinion, is the best worker in CHIKARA. Whisper doesn’t get to kick out of the Beach Break but he does survive the brainbuster. Fire Ant is able to make it out of a handstand 450 from the corner from Whisper, but he eventually does fall to a standing blockbuster. It’s pretty awesome that Fire Ant put Whisper over like this – he apparently also lost to Merlok on the New England shows. It’s good to see him putting over talent while still remaining a vital part of CHIKARA as a company. Really fun little deal here.

Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad vs. Hiptoss Hank & Petey the Package – CHIKARA (03/19/2017)

Andrew: Once again, the wrestling move named guys are masked jobbers. This is all about the crustaceans and an excuse for them to get a point. They dominate and then hit Hiptoss Hank with their double team finish – the Low Tide – to get themselves the win and the point. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Jeremy Leary vs. Travis Huckabee – CHIKARA (03/19/2017)

Andrew: Travis Huckabee is a rookie who used to be a referee at CHIKARA. He wears basic black trunks and yellow kneepads and works more of a catch wrestling matwork style. Jeremy Leary has been in CHIKARA since last year and also wrestles for Limitless Wrestling in Maine. He comes out wearing a Lucas Calhoun jumpsuit, which makes sense as they are currently feuding in the secret Season 17 shows – and it was revealed that he beat Calhoun in a Hair vs. Hair match. Huckabee is still fairly green but I’d venture to say that he’s my favorite rookie in this new class of Wrestlefactory guys. You can tell he’s taken a lot of influence from guys like Quack and Gulak and that he just works extremely hard at what he does. Leary focuses more on brawling throwing lots of forearms and clubs. He does a lot of heel type stuff (or rudo in the CHIKARA vernacular) and blatantly calls out Ophidian during the match as well. Leary controls most of the match outside of a couple of glimmers of hope for Huckabee. Huckabee gets a near fall with a headbutt but Leary rolls to the outside. He gets Huckabee onto the apron and hits him with a Tower of London from the apron to the floor. And then, in the best moment of this show, he goes to grab a chair AND THE FAN GETS INTO A TUG OF WAR AND REFUSES TO LET HIM HAVE IT! Never change, CHIKARA fans. Leary eventually hits Huckabee with a deadlift German suplex from the apron into the ring for the win. A really fun match that furthered the development of both of these guys – Leary as a heel threat and Huckabee as a scrappy underdog figure.

Mark Angelosetti vs. Waistlock Wayne – CHIKARA (03/19/2017)

Andrew: Waistlock Wayne is a non descript masked jobber who is here solely for the purpose of putting over Mr. Touchdown and getting him a point towards a Grand Championship title shot. Touchdown shows off his offense and it’s a short and sweet showcase that ends with the Flea Flicker for the win. Nothing to write home about, but it serves its purpose.