Chief Deputy Dunne vs. Martina – FCP (03/17/2017)

Trask: A fun way to kickoff Rise Against. Dunne and Martina provided excellent comedy without making me cringe! The Anti-Fun Police and Session Moth crossover didn’t fail to impress, with Martina taking out a certain long green vegetable out of her pants, while also possessing the gun that would go on to be used in the finish. Dunne held on for as long as he can, even sticking the certain long green vegetable into Martina’s private parts, then trying to get the cheap win. The gun shot finish would play in for what was to come. The match was really fun and able to get in and get out fast, while providing some quality laughs and moments. Martina won after a homicide. 

British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Travis Banks, Will Ospreay & Wolfgang – FCP (03/17/2017)

Trask: I’m unsure if there’s been a more perplexing match to watch unfold this year, to me. I love everyone in this match. Well, at least HAVE loved everyone here. I thought countless times during the match that one Will Ospreay’s had a drop off in aura and match quality the past while. He’s starting to get on my nerves in some ways, but yet I’ll still pop for his amazing flashiness, such as him countering the Seven Star Lariat by flipping out of it. This match never stuck to a formula. It felt like a million different attempts at a fun wrestling match, squished together along with stringed sequences and everyone’s greatest hits. I rarely was enjoying this fully, I kept harboring minor complaints in the back of my mind, but still was curious to see what would happen next. The one standout was Travis Banks, who I fall in love with the more matches I watch. He played a great face in peril, and was the only one out of this group, during the match, that impressed me on every level. He stuck to what he was doing and it worked. Everyone else felt all over the place, but that’s a charm of throwing stars together and letting them have fun. The crowd was still losing it. I loved Seven hitting his shots on the others all at once in a line of three. I loved Bate hitting the most ridiculous Indy Taker I’ve seen in a long time. All there is is standout moments, and Banks (Dunne too, generally) being money, the rest is already a blur. A solid spotfest that let loose way too often, and was dragged out long, but when it looped around for intense or “super cool” moments, it had the potential to have a big fight feel. British Strong Style won after Dunne KO’d Banks out of mid-air. Wrestling is odd, especially when you try and break it down. This match especially.

Chris Brookes vs. Nixon Newell – FCP (03/17/2017)

Trask: No comedy, no acting like there’s a barrier between the wrestlers. Straight from Nixon’s entrance, she didn’t even finish the typical ‘C’est la vie’ singalong. Instead she dove onto Brookes, kicking the match into a tempo that would be maintained the whole way through. Considering this was part of Nixon’s FCP farewell made it that much more special. This gave us everything possible in the realm of what you could do in the room (Nixon diving off a platform, usage of weapons, dives to the outside, keeping important spots in the ring, etc). The match escalated tremendously to the point where there were tacks, and we got not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR separate tack spots. Brookes powered out of a Canadian destroyer on thumbtacks as well as a Shining Wizard. Nixon when kicking out had the crowd on their tip toes. A sigh of collective relief when she stayed in, a dead air filling the room when it was suddenly over. Brookes won after a Canadian destroyer on the thumbtacks. Between the crowd’s investment, the shock value, the sheer punishment their bodies went through, and all that made this a magical little encounter — Nixon vs. Brookes is must watch if you want to find out what good intergender wrestling can be. It wasn’t nearly perfect, but it checked all the emotions off the list. P.S., you just have to see Nixon’s facial expressions upon the tack spots. The post-match too, of course.

Candice LeRae vs. Kay Lee Ray – FCP (03/17/2017)

Trask: Fight Club: PRO is where wrestling matches take the wackiest of turns, aside DDT. We got a prime example of this when the two were in the early stages of the feeling out process. Ray brought in a beer can, and it was on. Not only did the two have a chugging battle, but Ray hilariously kept the can stood-up and in-tact as she was being rolled-up by LeRae. In between all the fan banter and other instances such as good highspots, there wasn’t enough time nor was it the case for this to be a super technical match (something I’d love to see between the two). My mouth went agape when the poor ref was decimated with the beer can/liquid. LeRae kicked out of a Gory Bomb only to hit her comeback. ‘Twas effective. LeRae won after a balls plex. Exactly the type of enjoyable wrestling you’d expect from an FCP atmosphere. The fans added to the fun immensely. Now for a rematch…

Clint Margera vs. Dan Moloney vs. David Starr vs. The Dunnedertaker – FCP (03/17/2017)

Trask: Yet another well worked comedy match, stringed back to back with the opener of Martina vs. Deputy Dunne. Starr, Margera and Moloney had splendid chemistry, seamlessly hitting spot to spot, culminating in dive-a-mania and all three men hitting each other to the ground. Martina summoned The Fundertaker (or Dunnedertaker). He wrecked house, as the OG triple threat crew were scared for their lives. Starr kicked out of the tombstone yet Fundertaker stood tall come the abrupt end. I would love to see the triple threat worked as it did when it was serious, in a longer way, as they had good flow going — but we once again found ourselves in an enjoyable FCP comedy segment. The Fundertaker won after a last ride.