Flip Gordon vs. Ricochet – NEW (01/21/2017)

Trask: This is one of the smartest NEW booking calls in the last few years, at least. They brought in Ricochet to go above and beyond, putting over local Flip Gordon. This was a great match, showcasing why Ricochet is not only one of the smoothest wrestlers in the world, but one of the very best when he wants to be at the top of his game. He led Gordon through some maestro-flyer type of exchanges, only for Gordon to bounce back in AMAZING near falls. It got to the point where Ricochet hit everything from top rope moves to grounded impact ones, but Gordon stayed in. The finish is one of my favorites this year as Ricochet had a roll-up but Gordon countered the momentum to literally skip in that position, seamlessly transitioning into the same roll-up for the win. Seek this out. Ricochet made Flip look like a million dollars. (***3/4)

Donovan Dijak vs. Keith Lee – NEW (01/21/2017)

Trask: This is a rematch from NEW in December where Keith Lee won. This was yet another good addition to what I believe is the best touring match in the world. This took a left turn from the norm (crazy circus style wrestling with pacing) as it was worked traditionally slow, with it picking up at the right moments like Dijak hitting a DVD on the apron, or Lee hitting a mighty fine moonsault. Scotty Slade tried to interfere like he did in the first match, eventually costing Dijak the match as Lee won after a Spirit Bomb. One of their weaker matches, but you have to take into account the promotion, target audience, and booking at hand. Still good. (***1/4)