Kyle O’Reilly vs. Davey Gibson – NWL (03/26/2017)

Trask: O’Reilly and Gibson’s chemistry is no joke. Note: I find it hard to be calling Davey Vega, Gibson, because NWL creates terribly unnatural names for a lot of their guys, but I try. This kept a main event pace, only getting better and better. What started out as something I liked and was nice to watch turned into a match that was amazingly put together. O’Reilly worked on Gibson’s arm throughout the match, but it wasn’t always a focal point. Gibson would try and make comebacks only for them to be stuffed. Gibson worked from under/charged back in numerous fun ways including: selling well, stomping O’Reilly’s face to get out of a hold, grabbing his own tights to have his arm not be fully extended, and a whole lot more. Much like the January El Phantasmo ECCW match, Kyle and Gibson intertwine a lot of styles into the match, as we had bombs thrown at key points as well. All in all, an absolute hoot to take in, especially taking into consideration the chemistry at play—also the arm continuity for the finish. Gibson wouldn’t die but was hit with a brainbuster and immediately tapped out. O’Reilly won after an arm bar.