Curt Stallion vs. Dominic Garrini – Punk Pro (03/29/2017)

Trask: Both of these guys have become kings of the short match. Stallion’s best cage vs. Irie, and The Bone Collector’s best case coming more recently vs. Cain Justice. I loved everything about this. The environment of Punk Pro is intimate with no mic, no music, fans surrounding the ring. It’s minimalist which plays to boths strength, especially Stallion’s: BANTER. Stallion would not only explain where his jacket came from (his grandma) but would either exclaim he’s terrified, or trash talk the hell out of Garrini when he finally got in control. The in ring work was tremendous as well with Stallion taking suplexes, plus always getting locked in some sort of submission, but getting lucky. My favorite spot was the jackknife cover transitioned into a piledriver. Still not enough. Garrini won after an arm bar reversal to a spear. One of the best matches of Wednesday-Friday so far as part of WrestleMania weekend. Give me a rematch ASAP and have them kill each other even more.