TJ Perkins vs. Jack Gallagher – WWE (04/11/2017)

Trask: Always trust my da Jamesie. He praised this and said I’d really enjoy it. He was right. This was worked tremendously with a few little gripes in between it all. As for the crowd, it was horseshit. “This is boring” chants echoed with some fight back from the crowd that realized how much these two had killed each other (and it) for a TV main event. The story of the match saw Perkins die multiple times including taking one of the most insane spots of the year, folding in half off a top rope backdrop suplex. The leg work affected Gallagher’s offense in the best ways, providing great continuity. The only gripe is that Perkins was right back into it after taking that suplex bump. Aside from that, one of the better 205 Live main events so far. Perkins won after a detonation kick.

John Cena vs. Fandango – WWE (03/21/2017)

Josh: I don’t know what to say about this match, it’s easily a Match of the Year contender. We saw the debut of Breezy Bella, which was amazing and easily the best character in wrestling today. We then saw Cena destroy Fandango which was a travesty but you ought to do what you gotta do sometimes. Not only that, but Nikki Bella murdered Breezy with a spear (Goldberg WHO?) and then hit him with the Bella Cutter and the Fearless Lock! Cena won with an Attitude Adjustment and honestly, that should’ve closed out the show, I don’t see how anything could beat it!

Baron Corbin vs. Randy Orton – WWE (03/21/2017)

Josh: I surely thought this match was going to be the main event, but I’m guessing they’re saving that for Cena vs. Fandango, what a sentence. (I was wrong.) This match is really solid, its playing to both men’s strengths and is allowing for Corbin to show just how cocky he is. I’m almost positive that Corbin is winning the IC title at Mania and will probably be WWE Champion before SummerSlam next year. He has all the tools to be a great champion, even at this point in his career. Orton really let Corbin lay in on him and allowed for him to be on offense for a fair bit of the match. The match ended when Dean Ambrose distracted Baron Corbin, allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the win. Ambrose then accepted Baron’s WrestleMania challenge and hit him with a Dirty Deeds just to rub it in a little more.

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) – WWE (03/21/2017)

Josh: Since The Usos have turned they’ve had a re-invigoration that has had them put out much more quality work and promos than they did before. Unfortunately, The SmackDown Tag Team division only appears once a month so they haven’t really been given an opportunity to do a lot in the past month or two. This match had The Usos constantly trying to use cheap tactics but getting out wrestled by American Alpha and being on the defense for the majority of the match. The Usos underhanded tactics eventually put them on the offense and it looked like they were starting to gain a bit of momentum in the championship match. It was to my shock that The Usos actually won the titles after a superkick from Jey Uso. I hope this is setting up for a rematch at WrestleMania. Editor’s note: American Alpha are better on the chase anyways.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks – WWE (04/03/2016)

Rebecca: If this match ended up like the Sasha Banks entrance, my views on this would be so very different, because that entrance due to the female singer is god awful. Snoop Dogg is still legendary though. I can’t quite put into words how much this WrestleMania means to people who have followed the WWE women’s division for years, but it really felt like the beginning of REAL change. Not the fake change that they hinted at during the weird team vs. team vs. team storyline they ran after Give Divas a Chance. No matter what your feelings are on any of the three women involved in this match, you have to see and admit that they truly created something magic here that had not been done before. Yes, we got the great match from Trish and Mickie from WrestleMania 22, but nothing changed with the division after that one. The bra and panties matches still continued, the women still got thirty seconds. This match as well as the one from the kickoff show proved the women DESERVE to be put on the same pedestal as everyone else. Every time I write these articles it feels so weird to see the Divas Championship. I don’t miss it. But, knowing what I know now, and this may be viewed as a controversial opinion, it’s somewhat fitting that Charlotte was the woman to retire that title, as she was the one leading this new division into the future. This was also the first time we would hear the women called superstars on commentary instead of Divas. At the time, I really thought Becky was the standout performer here, I even changed my mind halfway through and started to think she may win. The effort she put in as well as allowing bits of her personality to show is wonderful to see. The near falls are so unbelievably gripping even a year later and with the knowledge of who wins, that speaks volumes about how great these three women did together. My only criticism of this match comes with the finish, I hated Ric’s involvement, well actually, I just hated Ric getting involved in anything, so maybe I’m biased. Charlotte retaining and becoming the first Women’s Champion of the new era was quite a swerve, most people expected Sasha Banks to win, but perhaps that’s part of the charm as to why this match was so good, it had shock value. This is special for many reasons but the main one is it setting the tone for what the women’s evolution is all about. Great women’s wrestling, plain and simple.

Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie & Natalya) vs. Team BAD & Blonde (Lana, Emma, Summer Rae, Naomi & Tamina) – WWE (04/03/2016)

Rebecca: It’s unbelievable that it took 32 WrestleMania events for WWE to FINALLY get women’s matches right. There’s an added hint of emotion in this one due to the retirement of Brie Bella, someone who I believe was incredibly underrated throughout her entire career. It’s a shame this got pushed to the pre-show and right before the announcement of the new title because you almost forget that someone just retired in front of you, and Brie deserved her moment to shine without it being ruined. Having said that, I have enjoyed this match every time I’ve watched it, which is a fair few amount of times. I remember being extremely happy for Alicia Fox, Summer Rae and Emma getting to appear at WrestleMania, something I really didn’t think we’d see again for a long time after the battle royal from WrestleMania 30. A lot of people probably missed out on how good this is due to it being on the kickoff show and people don’t really care for those, so if you did, go and watch it. I promise you will not regret it. Every single woman played their part perfectly, something that doesn’t often happen in multi-women matches, but they pulled it off, even with the inexperienced Lana involved. This also holds a special place in my heart due to the Paige and Emma interactions in the match, those two had previously expressed that their dream match would be to face each other at WrestleMania, and although it wasn’t a singles match, this may be the best we’re gonna get. The only thing that lets this match down is the lack of crowd, people were still making their way into the arena, so there’s zero interaction from the fans who were in their seats. However, it was nice that those who were there gave Brie a great reaction, she deserved at least that. There’s another spot where every woman hits their finisher which looked brilliant and flowed really well, except Tamina having to force Eva’s body fully over on Sliced Bread #2. Brie Bella picked up the win by putting Naomi in the Yes Lock. This match was a great showcase of the talent the female roster clearly has, and solidified my opinion that this is the best the division has ever been. One of my favourite women’s matches from WrestleMania, even if that bar isn’t very high, this was amazing.